At the very least, an average of one third of our life is virtually wasted, seeking knowledge in educational institutions that are geared to keeping us all mindless FOLLOWERS, being subservient to the system. I use the term “WASTED”, because the knowledge gained in those restrictive educational institutions, has been perceived and contrived in someone else’s mind long ago, plus censorship of all types, has altered much of anything that might have been worth “RELEARNING”. Through my personal studies and research into the martial art and seeking what the ancient one sought, I have discovered many things and most of those things that have been revealed to me, are seemingly non martial art related, however that is very much like trying to separate day and night, very similar to trying to separate the YING from the YANG.

Humans have sought knowledge since man started investigating “WHY”, things are as they are and why they function as they do. Knowledge is something that NATURE and what we have come to know as TIME, reveals to us through our inquisitiveness about all things of nature and out universe.

Man and his creation of religion, as fruitlessly sought his connection with the “CREATOR” of all things that we are aware of, plus he has always sought this connection OUTSIDE OF HIMSELF, however it is his inner SPIRIT, that “IS” the connection he seeks, but of course that is far too SIMPLE for man to grasp and accept. Through the martial art, there is a definite connection with “LIFE”, as the survival martial art was conceived to preserve life and simultaneously ending or taking of life in order to preserve life.

To take or end life is relatively easy and fairly simple, however the preservation of life is far more complex and involved requiring much searching of our inner most being. To many people involved with the martial art, they can be a thing of infinite beauty, fluid grace and splendor with somewhat of a vague connection to CREATIVITY, while still more others involved with rediscovering the ancient survival art, seek the ease and efficiency with which to dispatch and destroy life and all living things, with some even finding a form of majesty and superiority in the destruction of life. 

Life, very much like the martial art, has a “POWER” and like all power, it can be used positively or negatively, as well as for GOOD or for EVIL, for LIFE or DEATH, preservation or for destruction and it is all very often totally left up to our discretion, whim or fancy of how “THE P-O-W-E-R” is going to be used and to what magnitude. The martial art, definitely does deal with death and possible catastrophic destruction, but it is very much like the YIN / YANG, as the martial art can also be used for the preservation of life and the perpetuation of all things in nature and our universe.


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