Fairly frequently I have young people of a variety of age groups, interested in getting involved in the martial arts, coming to me and asking which art is the best and which style would I recommend they try. Well that can really be a Pandora’s box, even if you know the person well and are familiar with the vast diversity found in the magnitude of martial art styles.

I tell everyone that ITS ALL THE SAME, ONLY DIFFERENT, as you can actually find elements of pretty much every separated style, in nearly every style, so I suggest they shop around and check things out for themselves. The great BRUCE LEE basically said the same thing when he said, “ABSORB WHAT IS USEFUL TO YOU” and discard the rest and I believe that is great advice and a really good way to find what works for YOU.

All martial art styles have something of value to all seekers, but do they fill the needs that YOU personally feel need to be addressed?
One of my lifelong dear friends and mentors, who by the way was one of BRUCE LEE’S closest dear friends and training partner DAN INOSANTO, assisted Bruce research and develop his personal fighting art, in fact it was Dan who put a name to Bruce’s WAY OF THE INTERCEPTING FIST.

Bruce did what many seekers have done over time to try to FILL THE GAPS that have either been left out or lost down through the ages, researching every archive available to make a more complete art or style. JEET KUNE DO was BRUCE LEE’S personal fighting style and that was a composite of what worked for Bruce, taken from everything he had studied and researched, with a foundation of several styles of Chinese Gung Fu, with WING CHUN being a notable portion, but what made all of Bruce’s research come together for him was TAKING WHAT WAS USEFUL for his physical attributes and discarding what was useless.

Most people seeking to get involved in the martial art have NO IDEA what they might be getting into, other than what they have seen on TV, in the movies or in live demonstrations and performances, possibly thinking, oh yeah, that looks good. It takes dedication, lots of dedication, time, lots of time and hard work, lots of work to gain a level of proficiency that will protect and deliver when it counts.

So if you are really interested, take your time and research several styles, actually research everything you can to find what works for you in as many diversified scenarios as possible, because no one has all the answers and YOU certainly do not want to come up empty handed when the demon of death comes screaming straight at you and your loved one out of the darkness.

What works great for someone else might not work nearly as well for you, so look around, it’s YOUR LIFE and THE CHOICE IS YOURS TO MAKE, so choose wisely!

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