Realistically speaking, the word survival can mean virtually anything to anyone, in just about any situation imaginable these days. As we all deal with survival in some form or another every single day. Did any of you realize that?

Of course we all think of survival situations as being some sort of life or death scenario, and it all really is, but generally on much lesser and far different levels than we normally think of it being. Most of us think of survival as having something to do with military actions or possibly even police dealing with criminals where danger is a real possibility. On a more individual or personal level survival could mean keeping our jobs so we can pay the bills to keep our homes and feed our families.

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Vicente: Arnis series

AS PREVIOUSLY published, tournaments after tournaments are being scheduled in preparation for the 2019 Southeast Asia (SEA) Games that will be hosted by the Philippines where our very own Philippine National Martial Arts and Sports is included.

Since its last stint in the 2005 SEA Games, arnis makes its significant presence to showcase the cultural heritage and indigenous origin of a world renowned martial arts with practitioners in almost all countries of the world and adapted as one combat requirement in Special Forces in most armed forces of several countries.


The Night Comes for Us: This Bloody Netflix Film is a Must for Action Fans

The Night Comes for Us is director Timo Tjahjanto’s follow up to his 2016 action movie Headshot and is premiering on Netflix. It’s a kinetic, bloody action movie utilizing Indonesian Pencak Silat martial arts, cinematically popularized in The Raid movies.

Ito (Joe Taslim) is an enforcer for a Triad operating out of the infamous Golden Triangle. He is a member of a group of high level operatives who go to extreme measures in service of the Triad. These merciless enforcers are known as The Six Seas.

The Indonesian Ministry of Sport will establish a sports center in Europe for pencak silat, the country's traditional martial art.

Pencak silat is a full-body martial art, incorporating strikes, grappling and throwing in addition to weaponry.

Indonesian Youth and Sport minister Imam Nahrawi said in a statement that the building of the sports center is part of the country's efforts to include the sport in the forthcoming Olympics.