An Introduction to Silat

You are minding your own business, buying a newspaper at your local convenience store, when a belligerent drunk decides to take a punch at you simply because you met his stare for a second too long. What the drunk doesn’t know is that you are trained in the Indonesian martial art silat, and you are therefore able to move easily into close range where your big guns—the knees, elbows and head—can be brought into play. This range is referred to as the “battleground” by Indonesians.

Now that you’ve entered the battleground and are literally in the drunk’s face, you can begin the “tranquilizing process”—a vicious combination of elbows, knees, finger jabs, head butts and kicks to his groin, shins, thighs, eyes or any other vulnerable target. If he is still a threat after your initial salvo of blows, your combinations must continue. Can you sweep him to the ground? Can you elbow his spine? Can you stomp on one of his feet and force him off-balance? These are just a few of the possibilities available to an accomplished silat stylist.

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5 Lethal Weapons Found Only in Southeast Asian Martial Arts

Southeast Asian martial arts are unique to the region and use some of the most unique weapons in the world as part of their application.

Here are 5 of them.

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7 Effects on Children Attitudes From Silat Training

Silat is the national martial art in Malaysia. The system of silat training methodology is based from the human geometrical movements and patterns. Silat doesn’t incorporate the animal styles just like Kung Fu. The techniques that laid in silat training system are practical and useful to children too. Children will gain more benefits than adults when they train silat. This is because the body structure will grows and compatibles with silat training system. Thus, children will gain more flexibility, improve muscle strength and fitness level, and also will develop perfect silat technique due to the nature of training.

However, the best part is children will gain more positive effects on their self-esteem and intrinsic manners. This is because the main objective of Seni Silat Malaysia is to produce a noble and positive individual that can contributes to develop a strong nation. Here are the explanations of seven effects of silat training on children attitudes based on the seven important activities in silat martial arts training system;

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Martial arts films are a cinematic staple. Who doesn’t love to watch grown adults beat up on each other for two hours? The genre first surged in the 1970s, and thankfully, we’ve seen how far fight choreography has come since then. From the legendary yet slightly awkward looking films of Bruce Lee to hyper-edited American copycat films to Donnie Yen’s superb action choreography, the films have evolved greatly over the years.

Stars like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, and Yen have all helped perpetuate the American love for Hong Kong, kung-fu cinema. Films like HeroRumble in the BronxCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Ip Man have all set the standard for modern martial arts films and have all done well with American audiences. They feature well-choreographed fights, and they feed into a formula that has worked very well for martial arts films in satisfying our need to watch people hit each other.