Did you ever think or realize that initially all martial arts styles were originally weapon-based styles. That’s a tough one to believe isn’t it, but if you think about it, you just might find yourself agreeing and even being surprised that you didn’t realize it yourself. Oh I know the vast majority of you martial art practitioners out there reading this will probably instantly disagree, but remember I asked you to think about the above statement first, before you agree or disagree, so think about it.

When most people, whether they are martial art practitioners or just simply enjoy watching martial art films, performances and demonstrations or are physically involved in the practice of learning one or more of countless martial art styles.

I for one think the martial art is amazing, because in today’s world you can actually see versions and segments of countless martial art styles exhibited in just about everything from TV shows and commercials to blockbuster action films, but you know what, there is far more fiction & fantasy in all of that than there is reality; however its all fairly entertaining, especially if you don’t know the difference between creative fantasy and factual reality.

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An Introduction to Silat

You are minding your own business, buying a newspaper at your local convenience store, when a belligerent drunk decides to take a punch at you simply because you met his stare for a second too long. What the drunk doesn’t know is that you are trained in the Indonesian martial art silat, and you are therefore able to move easily into close range where your big guns—the knees, elbows and head—can be brought into play. This range is referred to as the “battleground” by Indonesians.

Now that you’ve entered the battleground and are literally in the drunk’s face, you can begin the “tranquilizing process”—a vicious combination of elbows, knees, finger jabs, head butts and kicks to his groin, shins, thighs, eyes or any other vulnerable target. If he is still a threat after your initial salvo of blows, your combinations must continue. Can you sweep him to the ground? Can you elbow his spine? Can you stomp on one of his feet and force him off-balance? These are just a few of the possibilities available to an accomplished silat stylist.

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7 Effects on Children Attitudes From Silat Training

Silat is the national martial art in Malaysia. The system of silat training methodology is based from the human geometrical movements and patterns. Silat doesn’t incorporate the animal styles just like Kung Fu. The techniques that laid in silat training system are practical and useful to children too. Children will gain more benefits than adults when they train silat. This is because the body structure will grows and compatibles with silat training system. Thus, children will gain more flexibility, improve muscle strength and fitness level, and also will develop perfect silat technique due to the nature of training.

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