November 11, 2018


Realistically speaking, the word survival can mean virtually anything to anyone, in just about any situation imaginable these days. As we all deal with survival in […]
October 25, 2018

Ancient Evolution

You might not realize it, but everything in the world changes and evolves, even the ruins from ancient civilizations long since past are continuously changing due […]
October 23, 2018

Fiction, Fantasy, Reality or a Little of Each

During my life journey through the martial art I have actually experienced a little of each of these categories, as more often than not instructors try […]
October 16, 2018

Simple, Easy, Fast and Effective

Keeping martial art techniques or actually anything simple, easy, fast and effective is something that I have always tried to instill in my students from day […]
October 11, 2018


When most people think about the martial arts, they generally think of fighting. Of course the name itself gives that impression, with the word or term […]
October 9, 2018

Life Treasures

In our studies of the martial art we often come across many deeply hidden secret life treasures, but so very often we are so blind to […]
October 8, 2018

The Best of the Very Best

Thanks to my long time dear friend and mentor, the world-renowned Dan Inosanto, I have been blessed with meeting and studying with several of the world’s […]
October 1, 2018


Fairly frequently I have young people of a variety of age groups, interested in getting involved in the martial arts, coming to me and asking which […]
August 8, 2018

Keep An Open Mind

A suggestion for martial art practitioners at all levels, regardless of your style or time involved in studying the art. Have you ever heard the term […]